Reach decision makers

With LinkedIn, you’re no longer just a name and a number. Present your personal and company brand to decision makers by reaching out through LinkedIn, and show them why you’re worth talking to.

Find the best path in

Use decision makers’ LinkedIn profiles to identify the best strategy for reaching out. Review their mutual connections, alma mater, and work experience to find talking points you can use to break the ice and start a conversation.

  • Connections

Get a warm introduction

A friendly name can help kickstart the conversation with a decision maker. Make use of your network to get introduced through a mutual connection.

  • 2nd degree connection

Message leads outside your network

If you don’t share a mutual connection, you can still reach out to any lead on LinkedIn using our Premium messaging platform, InMail. On average, the response rate for InMail messages is three times higher than email. Plus, if you don’t get a response to your InMail within seven days, you’ll get another InMail credit for free.

  • InMail

The next step is researching your sales leads.