LinkedIn profile tips: bring your professional story to life

Your LinkedIn profile forms the foundation for your professional brand. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Understand your audience

To create a powerful brand on LinkedIn, you need to understand your audience. Ask yourself whose attention you’re trying to get and tailor your LinkedIn profile to speak to them.

Help your audience find you

Include a professional photo to significantly improve your chances of being viewed. Then personalize your profile URL to help people find you. Most importantly, write a headline that sums up your brand and drives your target audience to dive deeper into your profile.

  • Profile card

Tell your story

Use the summary area of your profile to provide a snapshot of your professional journey and aspirations. To help people find you via search, be sure you have a total word count of at least 40 words, and incorporate industry keywords. Add past and present work experience to provide context, and upload (or link to) rich content like websites, blogs, presentations, and videos to capture your full body of work.

  • Summary & Experience

Let your network speak for you

Nothing builds a strong brand better than advocates. Get recommendations and endorsements from colleagues, employers, and customers who can speak to your abilities and contributions.

  • Summary & Experience

With a winning profile, you’re ready to reach out on LinkedIn and build a powerful network.

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